About M & P Tactical

Welcome to M & P Tactical, the finest online gun retailer in the country. With our unbeatable rates and commitment to providing courteous customer service, we aim to offer top-notch rifles and accessories to responsible gun owners. We have everything, including the rare and difficult-to-find limited runs and your first hunting firearm. Our products are crafted with high-quality materials and exceptional quality.

OUR Mission

Mission Statement

“To offer you a risk-free and secure online buying environment and unrivaled customer support.”

M & P Tactical offers a variety of guns that may be purchased online, making it easier to shop for firearms. Online gun purchases are straightforward; however, they only apply to brand-new weapons. Choose the rifle you desire, and we will send it to you. Only when all applicable governmental requirements—including background checks—have been satisfied is the firearm transferred in person. Before attempting to purchase a firearm, check the relevant local, state, and federal laws. We are always responsible enough to check all the buyer’s documentation before handing them the firearm. M & P Tactical hopes you have a great shopping experience.